Management Team

Eng. Chediel F. Mnandi
Chief Course Coordinator and Head of Mechanics Section

PGD Eng. Management (UDSM), Dip. Mechanical Eng. (Dar Tech), Full Technician Certificate (FTC) Me...

Mr. Israel L. Ole Manina
Ordinary Diploma Course Coordinator and Head of IT & ICT Section

BSc Forestry (SUA)

Mr. Kabura J. Foye
Certificate Course Coordinator and Head of Logging Section

On PhD Studies, MSc Forestry (SUA),BSc Forestry (SUA)

Mr. Cuthbet E. Naburi
Head of Continuing Education Unit, VET Coordinator and Registrar of Students

MSc Forestry (SUA),BSc Forestry (SUA),Dip. Forestry (FTI Olmotonyi),Cert. Forestry (FTI Olmotony...

Mr. Ashiri H. Kilemile
Business Unit Manager, Head of Sawmilling and Woodworking Sections

MBA (Mzumbe),BSc Forestry (SUA),Dip. Forestry (FTI Olmotonyi),Cert. Forestry (FTI Olmotonyi)

Mr. Stanley T. Chamshama
Manager West Kilimanjaro Training Station

BSc Forestry (SUA), Dip. Forestry (FTI Olmotonyi), Cert. Forestry (FTI Olmotonyi)

Mr. Havyalimana A. Nyamaliza
Office Supervisor and Ag. Human Resources Officer

Ordinary Diploma in Records Management, (TPSC)

Mr. Shaban I. Kimu

CPA Intermediate Stage, (NBAA)

Mr. Simon J. Kajiba
Procurement and Supplies Officer

BA Procurement and Supplies Management (MoCU)